Centre Rules

Athletics competition is conducted under the LAANSW “Rules of Competition” for athletes registered with the Little Athletics Association of NSW and for ANSW registred athletes competition follows the rules set out in the IAAF Handbook and Rule 20 of the “general Rules of Athetics Australia”.
As well as these rules, Wyong Athletics Centre has the following general Rules for athletes and parents.

These rules for the well being and safety of all Centre members and to suit the competition conditions at Warnervale Athletics Field.

Athletics is meant to be enjoyable and fun for all participants. The emphasis should be on improving your performacnes and being proud of your personal achievements.

Both LAANSW and ANSW endorse the Codes of Behaviour” for Parents, Coaches and Athletes developed by the Australian Sports Commission. These Codes can be found on the Little Athetics NSW website under RESOURCES – Codes Of Conduct & Behavioural Guidelines.

• Athletes may only compete in their own age group. Dual registered athletes must compete as “Little A’s”.
• All athletes must compete in full club uniform as approved by LAANSW (including numbers and patches) or as appropriate for ANSW competition. Failure to do so within 3 weeks of all uniform items being available will result in no competition points or records being credited to that athlete.
• Any athlete who in the opinion of a senior event official or their age manager, is performing in a dangerous manner, is continually disruptive, uses inappropriate anguage or fails to follow reasonable instruction, will be asked to refrain from doing so. Further warnings may result in that athlete being excluded from competition, by the Centre Executive, for the remainder of the night.
• All competitors are expected to behave in a sporting manner. An athlete must not interfere with another competitor in his own event or in another age group.
• At the completion of warm up, athletes will be under the control of their age managers until the completion of their events for the night. Age managers are not babysitters and are not expected to discipline unruly children. Age managers simply escort an age group from one event to another and record results.
• All athletes should attend warm up and are not allowed onto the field until warm up commences, unless actively assisting (whilst accompanied by a Centre official) to set up equipment. High Jump bags are for the use of competitors, and are not to be played on. Shot and Discus are only to be used under the supervision of an adult.
• In order to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to both athletes, officials and spectators, no balls or other toys may be used by any athlete whilst competition is in progress, with the exception of those provided by the club for the purpose of play training and fun events. Any athlete found using such will be asked to return the item to their parent/guardian.
• Spikes may only be worn by athletes from U/10’s up in events run entirely in lanes. There is maximum spike length of 7mm for competitors in Long and Triple Jump events. Spikes should only be put on in the start area (or competition area for field events) and removed at the finish line (conclusion of field event). Spikes must not be worn between events.
• Shoes must be worn at all times



• A parent or guardian must be in attendance at all competition nights and carnivals.

• One parent or guardian from each family must be available and act as a parent helper as required on each competition night and at outside competitions and carnivals which the athlete attends.

• Any person who is not a committee member, club official, parent helper or athlete must not be on any part of the competition area while competition is in progress. All adults on the competition area must be correctly signed on and must have signed the “Working with Children” form.

• Parents, guardians or spectators using inappropriate language or displaying unacceptable behaviour will be asked to refrain from doing so. Further warnings may result in that person being asked to col­lect their children and leave the ground by the Centre Executive.

• There is to be no smoking on the competition area and no alcohol anywhere on the ground.