Incentive Program

Athlete Incentive Program

Athletes that qualify for State team representation to compete at either ALA or AA events (either Track & Field or Outof Stadia) should be encouraged to register or re-register wholly with Wyong Athletic Centre Inc through the following incentive program.

  • 100% of registration fees met by Wyong Athletic Centre Inc
  • Uniform, either crop top or singlet, to be presented to the athlete at the beginning of the season

The above will apply to the athlete’s record from the season prior to registration/re-registration.

  • $250 to assist in travel or other expenses to be presented to the athlete on selection or entering the event
  • Promotion on the Centre’s website and the Centre will attempt wider publicity/promotion

The two items above will only apply for athlete’s achievements during the Centre’s current season after registration/re-registration subject to the provision below.

In return the athlete/s will be required to attend Wyong Athletic Centre competition or training nights and or assist in any way as determined by the Committee. Athletes MUST also endeavour to wear Wyong Athletic Centre apparel at athletics events.

Season 18/19