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Saturday, 23 September 2017
Details 2017-2018 Season

Welcome to our 40th Season!
The following is important information that you will need to know.

Our Club has both Little and Senior Athletes.
Tots to Under 11’s receive one registration number to be worn on the front of their singlet or crop top.
Under 12’s to Under 17’s are automatically Dual registered as both a Little and Senior Athlete. They can compete at both Little Athletics and Athletics NSW competitions. They receive two identical registration numbers to be worn on the front and back of their singlet or crop top.
Age patches are worn on the top left hand side of their singlet or on the left hand side of their shorts.
This season all Little Athletes and Dual registered athletes will be receiving a “Coles” patch to be sewn onto the front right hand side of their singlet or crop top. We have not been told when these new sponsors patches will be arriving. We will issue them to everyone when they arrive. In the meantime any one wearing a uniform from last year with the “Jetstar” patch must remove it.
Seniors receive two identical numbers (for front and back) but no age patch.
Registration numbers and age patches must be securely sewn or pinned down on all sides and corners.
ALL Athletes must be in full uniform (singlet or crop top with black shorts) with numbers and age patched attached by Thursday 26th October. Athletes who register on the 26th October or after will need to be in uniform for the following Thursday.
Failure to be in full uniform or without numbers will result in the athlete not receiving points for that night.
Tots can wear a yellow shirt instead of a singlet or crop top but their number and age patch must be worn.

It is a legal requirement of Little Athletics that a parent or someone acting in Loco/parentis be present at all times. This season it will be necessary to sign beside your child’s name. The sign on sheet will be found in the age basket. Please do this as soon as you arrive before competition begins as this weekly sheet will also be used as a roll. The person who signs on must be present until the athlete leaves.

Athletics involves many events on the track, jumps and throws suited to each of the age groups. To enable each night to run smoothly we require two age managers for each age group and helpers on each event. Age managers take athletes from event to event and manage the athletes. No experience is necessary as qualified officials will help you learn what you have to do.  Helping not only makes the night run smoother, finish earlier but enables you to meet new people and athletes. The sign on sheet is near the notice board.

Thursday night completion will start at 5.15 sharp. Please try to get there by 5pm to sign on and for athletes to warm up. (Remember there is school and work the next day).
From the under U6’s to U11’s there are some training events on some Thursday nights. These are to help athletes develop the skills in  events. This is an LANSW initiative which our club fully endorses.
Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm are for training. At the beginning of the season these times may be changed to accommodate needs. Come and join in the coaching groups.

This will be held on Friday night 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November at Mingara Athletics Centre. All athletes from Under 7 to Under 12 can enter 4 events. Athletes in Under 13’s to U17’s can enter 6 events. Entries must be made and paid for on line on ResultsHQ by 21st October. No late entries are accepted. Parents are required to help on the days of the carnival. The program will be on the notice board.

A BBQ is available each week as well as drinks, water, chips and confectionary. There is a weekly raffle, and other activities planned. Funds raised are used for presentation, replacing and maintain equipment and facilities.
Look in the year book and support our sponsors.

This is planned for Thursday 2nd November when all athletes will be in full uniform. As this will take a little time athletes will be required to be there, ready to be positioned by 5.15.

Look at the Year Book
Go to the Wyong Athletic Centre web page at wyongathletics.org.au
Face Book
Look at the noticeboard or ask a committee member
Attend a monthly meeting held at Wallarah Bay Recreation Club on the second Monday of each month from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.

Could you help with set up between 4pm and 5pm?
Could you help packing hurdles, high jump bags, throw and jumps equipment?
Could you help on the BBQ or Canteen?
SIGN ON. Your help is required.

NO person or child who is not an Athlete or signed on as a helper is to enter onto the track or field. Spectators are only to be on the outside of the track and not between the track and long jump run ups or long jump pit.
No athletes are to be on the equipment or track before completion starts. Wait at you age basket.

Have fun, do your best, be a good sport and a proud member of our Wyong Centre.